How to Make Macapuno Soft Candy Balls

These soft candy balls are made of Macapuno preserves and sweetened condensed milk covered 
with coconut flakes. It is so easy to make and really delicious. 

1 Bottle Sweet Macapuno 
1 small can Condensed Milk
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup cornstarch
coconut flakes or dessicated coconut
Colored Cellophane


1.  Put our condensed milk in a pan at a low heat,
keep stirring. Our Condensed Milk should thicken.

2. Add our Sweetened Macapuno, continously stir. 
Until our Macapuno becomes very thick.

3. Add in our 1/2 cup cornstarch dissolved in 1/2 cup water

4. You will notice that once it is very thick it separates from the 
pan. That means it is already cooked.

5. Brush our plate with melted butter.

6.  Transfer our Macapuno to our plate.
7.  Let it cool, Once it cool down we can start 
shaping our Macapuno into balls.
8.  Lastly, roll our Macapuno ball on Dessicated coconut.

9. Wrap our Macapuno balls with cellophane wrapper.

Try these Macapuno Soft balls so easy to make and you can sell it to your friends or give 
it to your relatives.