Missing in Action again...

I didn't notice but it's already almost the end of February and soon it will be summer. That's how busy I am lately. My sister and I are planning our summer trip as early as now. She wants to go to either Palawan or Iloilo and I want to go to Singapore. We have to make our final decision before the end of this month. As I'm writing this, today is Ash Wednesday. All I remember when I was a child I dread the Lenten Season. Sorry for this but I just have to be honest. During the childhood days life was very simple. No computers, no cable TVs, games that we used to play were much simpler but we were so happy kids back then. So we simply slept, ate and watched Siyete Palabra. Fast forward to now, it's totally different people look forward to lent since it's the time they can get away with work and simply paint the town red. Drink and be merry, to some but not to us. Anyways, enjoy your summer my dear friends. Drop me a line or two and share with me your most wonderful summer memories. 
I gotta go! Love love love :)

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