1st-of-its-kind event, The SOLE ACADEMY SNEAKER CARNIVAL 2015 to be held this 
November 29, 2015 at the SM MALL OF ASIA Concert Grounds.

Event Highlights include Academy Dance-Off Competition, Fashion Show, Game Booths 
and Raffle Prizes plus Shoe Cleaning Workshop.

Mark your calendar for this first of its kind event.
Don't Miss it!! See you there!!


Blogapalooza is back!!!! Oct 25, at One Esplanade near SM Mall of Asia

The BIGGEST B2B: Business to Blogger networking and marketing event is back! 

This year's event has the "4 seasons" theme to talk about the different "seasons" in blogging.

For bloggers, sign up now on

You need to sign up again even if you signed up for past events.

For businesses wanting to join, call 533.7448 or 0919.992.5983 for inquiries

See you there!


Bloggys (Philippine Blogging Awards) is a nationwide blog awarding event in the Philippines. It’s that time again to recognize the most relevant and engaging blogs owned and written by Filipinos – From Luzon to Mindanao.

The nomination stage of BLOGGYS 2015 has officially opened and nominations are starting to pour in. Over 500 nominations have been received during the first week. The Awards Committee is in the process of validating these nominations. Owners of the nominated blogs will receive their notifications within the week.
Avid blog readers and fans still have until September 30, 2015 to nominate their favorite blogs. The esteemed members of the Jury Panel are all set to go through the nominated blogs to find the best Filipino blogs showcasing everything Filipino. Readers will also get the chance to choose which blog they think fits the bill by casting their votes when the polls open.
Keep those nominations coming! Nominate your favorite blogs  here

Things that I'm Grateful for

Right now I'm so inspired to write things that I'm so grateful for:

1.God. He has spoken to me through wonderful blessings. He teaches me a lot about life everyday. I can never and will never forget that all that I have and am right now—came and is because of Him

2. I am thankful for my wonderful family —they are the people that make me happy everyday and no matter what, will always have my back

3. I am thankful for my husband. He gives me the support and the love that I need in my life from a partner. He is honestly the best partner I could ever have

4. I am thankful for the air that I breathe. Every breathe is a chance to live more and do more!

5. I am thankful for tears because it melts away pain

6. I am thankful because I don’t have everything. I find joy in pursuing and eventually having something that is meant for me

7. I am thankful because I have a job that I love 

8. I am thankful because there are people who put a lot of trust in me

9. I am thankful for all the angels around me

10. I am thankful because God has a perfect plan for me

What are you thankful for, guys? Write it down. A lot of good things come from being thankful.

Another Late Lunch

People are so health conscious nowadays and more are eating healthy organic food.
I try to eat healthy as much as I could but honestly I hate it coz I love meat and all those greasy food like pizza, burgers, fries and more. :)
For today I hate a late but very filling lunch I was so hungry so I devour my food right away.
Good thing I was able to take some photos before I started with my lunch.
Let me share it with you guys.

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Late Post - Make-up Haul

I know this is an overly late post since I received most of these items like a few months ago.
Honestly, I was so busy last month that I didn't post anything so sad. :(
I don't usually buy make-ups if you know me I don't spend my money on these stuff.
I'm such a cheapskate. I read that for us to become millionaires we should save at least 20% of our income what's funny is that I usually save 80% and spend 20% of my salary. You might ask how do you pay all your bills and stuff? Well, I have my ways. Hahaha!
So I want to show you some of fave make-ups. These are the staples. I wear them all the time when I have meetings and errands to do.

Random Thoughts, Random Dreams

Have you noticed how fast time fly so fast? We are almost done with July!!

I have set so many goals for myself this year and it feels so great to be really close to reaching them. Few of which are the following":
On top of my list is investing in another property. It took me a very long time before finally deciding that this condo unit is for me. I just love it and I'm happy with my decision.

Of course, I need to buy another Macbook Pro.  I have worked for every single thing I wanted to buy. I hate how expensive this laptop is. But I know I won’t be complaining anymore about technical stuff once I get this baby for myself. 13.3” is good enough, but I am eyeing for the 15” one. With the kind of job I have I need to be equipped with the best gadgets available.

Lastly, before the end of this year I'll be buying another car. My husband wants the Toyota Vios and I totally agree. I want the champagne red one. Hmm, I need to check on our savings and hope we can afford this before the end of the year.

Late Post - Food food and more Food!

It's Friday today and I'm pretty excited since today is a holiday and that means it's a long weekend. Woohoo! Another exciting thing is, July is almost over and I'm looking forward for the month of August. Can you believe it, one more month and it's already the BER months. Hahaha! I know I'm so advance but what can I do I just love Christmas. Okay guys! I have tons of photos that I'll be deleting so before I do that I might as well upload them. These photos are mostly food I prepared for our meals, some I bought for take-outs. When I look at these photos my stomach starts to growl. 

The Art of Saving Money

Earlier I was computing. About finances and all. Bills will increase by August as I take on a new commission job. So longer time in front of my computer and more cups of coffee to drink. Good luck to my vertigo! You guys know how much I hate SmartBro with their intermittent connection. Hahaha! I can just imagine myself at my wit’s end when the time comes that we get another faulty connection and I’m paying for it. At least more moolah for me.
I need to work harder since money is scarce lately. A thousand peso bill is like 100 pesos when you go grocery shopping. With just a bag of groceries with nothing but junk foods, same staple food needed in our pantry. Plus a couple of fruits to stay healthy. That's already a thousand bucks spent. Which don't last that long. 
Anyway, that how life is now. You have to go with the flow. Just be grateful with all the blessings coming our way and be thankful that we have food on our table.
I try my darndest to save as much as I could. Whether avoiding eating out at fancy restaurants or comparing prices before buying any items. We have to be conscious of how we spend our money before realizing that we went crazy spending our hard-earned money for stupid things.

image from Google

Celebrations Gift List

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I can't let this day pass without posting these super delish lunch I prepared for myself.
I'm trying my best to eat healthy. I never liked vegetables but now I try to incorporate
salad to my meals. Good thing my brother sent some super delicious salad dressing.
And of course my favorite dessert is chocolate cinnamon. I baked them myself and just saved
some in the ref and just heat them. Bon Appetit!

Super Late Post, Chinese New Year Food!!

To prove to you how busy I am it took me more than a month to post these photos of what we prepared for our Chinese New Year celebration. It was just simple but all the traditional food that never missed our table every year. As far as I can remember our celebration when we were still young was so lavish and food was abundant. Now, it's our turn to prepare for our family's yearly celebration. Měiwèi 美味

Missing in Action again...

I didn't notice but it's already almost the end of February and soon it will be summer. That's how busy I am lately. My sister and I are planning our summer trip as early as now. She wants to go to either Palawan or Iloilo and I want to go to Singapore. We have to make our final decision before the end of this month. As I'm writing this, today is Ash Wednesday. All I remember when I was a child I dread the Lenten Season. Sorry for this but I just have to be honest. During the childhood days life was very simple. No computers, no cable TVs, games that we used to play were much simpler but we were so happy kids back then. So we simply slept, ate and watched Siyete Palabra. Fast forward to now, it's totally different people look forward to lent since it's the time they can get away with work and simply paint the town red. Drink and be merry, to some but not to us. Anyways, enjoy your summer my dear friends. Drop me a line or two and share with me your most wonderful summer memories. 
I gotta go! Love love love :)

image from Google


Wings & More

I love good food. It is my weakness. Aside from the fact that I love to cook I love eating out.
I chance upon Wings & More food and restaurant. They offer a variety of food which are all to die for. I can't stop munching on their lumpiang shanghai and their pork barbeque has this hickory taste that is both sweet and tangy for my taste buds. I also love their Roasted chicken (Inasal Style), it's super moist and juicy. The best part is that the price are so reasonable you better check them out. Oh another thing, they deliver, so
if you want to save time from all the hassle of cooking and prepping for your parties give them a call.
You can also visit their Facebook page here. If you want to order call their delivery hotline it's 09205847488 or 2942251.