Random Thoughts, Random Dreams

Have you noticed how fast time fly so fast? We are almost done with July!!

I have set so many goals for myself this year and it feels so great to be really close to reaching them. Few of which are the following":
On top of my list is investing in another property. It took me a very long time before finally deciding that this condo unit is for me. I just love it and I'm happy with my decision.

Of course, I need to buy another Macbook Pro.  I have worked for every single thing I wanted to buy. I hate how expensive this laptop is. But I know I won’t be complaining anymore about technical stuff once I get this baby for myself. 13.3” is good enough, but I am eyeing for the 15” one. With the kind of job I have I need to be equipped with the best gadgets available.

Lastly, before the end of this year I'll be buying another car. My husband wants the Toyota Vios and I totally agree. I want the champagne red one. Hmm, I need to check on our savings and hope we can afford this before the end of the year.