The Real Me...

I never imagine myself even trying to blog although I've always keep a journal
just so I could reminisce things that had happened in the past and dwell on things in
the future. But honestly I don't have so much time to do those things. I'm as busy as a
bee so to speak. I read a lot of times that if you wanna make money then blog about beauty
products or make food reviews blah blah blah... But it wouldn't be me, that's not me. I'm simply
a boring person which makes me more interesting :) I don't want to make blogging as my bread\and
butter, you know like oh I have to blog so that I can buy things, no way. I blog because I want to not
because I need to. NO ONE visit my blog who cares... I don't write for anyone. I write for myself. It 

make sme happy in way. And now I have to go that's my random thought for today boring to some
 but that's The real me...

I'm still here...

Jansportgrl is back! Some of you might be wondering where the hell is she? Well, don't 
worry I'm not going anywhere. The truth of the
matter is that there's a gazillion of things to do and I'm very stress with too much work as well as issues but I'm sure I can handle them I'm tough and strong haha!! Looking forward to more time that I can blog and share more thoughts with you. Love yah!

Sunday treat!!

Super love this uber moist decadence chocolate
cake topped with whipped cream and generous
amount of dark chocolate shaves...


Never knew shopping online can be this easy.
I was checking this site and found all the things I wanted
to buy. All prices are way more affordadable compare to others
and doing transaction is a breeze. It was a very enjoyable experience.


I ordered this online but still it hasn't arrived,
seller gave me a wrong tracking number GRRR!!

Super love heart marshmallows

Answer to my craving?? NOT!!

The other day I was craving for Kowloon siopao for I love 
the filling and I think that it's worth every penny I pay. 
Unfortunately I can't find a Kowloon kiosk near my office
so I ended up buying Lingnam siopao. I used to like their
siopao but it didn't taste as good as before I was 
disappointed and sad:( The price was not reasonable 
considering the taste was not up to par.

Selecta Hershey's collection

Selecta Hershey's collection, the best ice cream in town.
Try all the flavors.

National Bookstore

Next month it's back to school. For all your school supplies,
books and other novelty items National bookstore is your one stop shop.

         I miss this, I super like this tv show
                That's so Raven...
Watching reruns of Lizzie McGuire...

Speculoos cookie butter, soo addicting...
I'm always craving for these good stuff.

Miss my kitty so much :(

 My all time favorite perfume...
 Super love this scent...
Positive vibes for today... Fresh start is what everybody needs.
Be GRATEFUL, Life is beautiful.

Breakfast!! Happy Sunday morning...
Happy mother's day to all the mothers and soon-to-be moms!!

Morning prayer....
Happy Tuesday!!
God bless everyone.

Positive vibes for today, don't be afraid to fall down. Stand up
and stand tall.

My fave scent, Pure Seduction, 
thank you, added to my stack of lotions
and colognes.

Job opening

Interested to become a homebased online teacher,
send me a message. Thanks!!
Sooo love cupcakes!!

Always keep a journal to keep track of your
day to day activities, your random thoughts.
I love reading my diary that I have wrote when I 
was still a kid, it really bring back good memories.

Thank you for those who took time out to check my site.

I want to have this kind of bedroom.

 Hahaha!!Baby Nico you're so cute!!