I Can Already Smell Christmas!! :)

Last week I went with my sister since her son had to take the UPCAT. It usually take like 15 minutes at the most to travel from our house going to UP Diliman. But this morning it took us like forever. There were thousands of kids who I'm sure were anxious to take the test. Can you imagine taking the test for 5 gruelling hours. I'm so happy I'm done with those things. :) Anyways, we had to make some stop over to buy some stuff. First, we went to National bookstore to buy things he'll be needing for his test. Lo and behold, The saleslady was already setting up all the Christmas trees and other decorations. Can you believe it? It was only like 2nd week of August and we're are already going crazy preparing for Christmas. Honestly, I'm not complaining because if you know me you know how much I love Christmas. So there, I guess I better start writing my Christmas list, most importantly start saving my moolah. If you have time please send me a line or two and I will surely answer all your letters. In the meantime, take care guys and always stay safe. :)

Spending VS Saving

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Hi Guys! Another topic about money and how to spend our hard earned money wisely. Why not, we all know that times are hard nowadays. Let me ask you a question? How many times do you go shopping for clothes or shoes? Cosmetics? Or other kakikayan? I remember back then maybe 5 years ago I can go shopping without any guilt feelings after but now I seldom go shopping for myself. Money always go to basic things like food, bills, emergency and of course the rest of the money go straight to the bank for our savings. I know a lot of people shop at Ukay-Ukay stores. I've been there a couple of times but honestly I can't stand the smell. But When I really want to buy something for myself it has to be items that are on sale. What about you? Are you a big spender or a cheapskate? Let me know your spending habits or better yet share your saving tips. Drop me a line or two and I'm really super excited to hear from you. Hasta Luego!

Announcing the winner for our Mestiza soap giveaway

Announcing the winners for my Mestiza soap giveaways, I chose 3 winners and the three winners are as follows:

1. Anne Suano
2. April Miles Po
3. Sunshine Canete Po

Each of the winners will take home a Mestiza soap give pack. We'll be sending you a message to give you a confirmation that you have won our promo.
Also I'm so excited to announce that I'll be coming out with another giveaway this time I'll be giving away a ton of good stuff. I'll post all the detail on my next post. Watch out for it.

Dream Vacation Courtesy of Mestiza Soap

Who wants to go on a cruise to Singapore and Malaysia? Mestiza soap is giving away for their Grand Prize winner a stay for 3 days and 2 nights. You'll get to stay on a twin sharing cabin and experience all the luxury treatment from a 5 star cabin cruise. First you have to be a Mestiza user of course. For the rest of the mechanics I would suggest you visit here. Mestiza soap is a healthy soap with all natural ingredients leaving your skin softer, smoother and fairer.

Talking about Presidential Election 2016

Can you believe it! As early as now people are already talking about Presidential Election 2016. The next election is scheduled on May 9, 2016, Monday. The 2016 election's winner will be our 16th President of the Philippines. Of course, aside from the presidency they will also be fighting it out for the Vice-Presidency position. It's pretty obvious it would be a battle between Aquino VS Binay. Unless Pnoy decides he's done with politics. Whoever wins I hope it is for the good of all the Filipino people. I am very proud to be a Filipino. What about you what's your opinion? Share it with me. For the meantime, Have a wonderful weekend!  

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Can you believe that it's already August. Oh my!! How time flies! Every year I always set goals for myself. Things that I want to achieve. I think all of us should make a list of things we want to achieve every year. It makes me feel motivated and for me to work harder. If there are times it's hard for you to accomplish your goal don't be disheartened. Give your best and I'm sure we can achieve it in no time. 

I know a lot of my friends are not happy with their work. That can be a challenge going to the office everyday knowing it's like spending time in hell. They rant about their boss, their co-workers and almost about everything. The sad part is if you can't afford to give up your work knowing it's the only means to put food on your table or send your kids to school. So what do you do? 

By the way, I'm sure we always experience different struggles and challenges with our family, work, friends, etc. Don't fret. Just be strong if you want to share it with me. Feel free to message me. I'll be happy to listen. 
For the meantime, Stay happy. Enjoy life. There's tons of reasons to be happy. 

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