I have been receiving tons of letters and emails asking where they can purchase authentic US cosmetics for a fraction of a price, not cheap but definite affordable. I came across a Facebook page that sells authentic US make-up brands and the owner is such a wonderful lady. I'm sure you won't have any problem with your transactions. I posted some of the items available but these are just a few items since she has almost all brands and items available and ready for shipping. Kindly visit their Facebook page It's All Girly Cosmetics 

BH 88 Color Tropical Shimmer Palette

BH 12 pcs Pink Brush Set

It's Judy Time Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Concealer Jar
Color: Buff Beige

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation
Color: Natural Beige

Making Money Online

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More and more people are joining the home-based workforce wagon. More people honestly are not happy with their work or worst not happy working. I guess there are several factors that make them unhappy with their work. Firstly, working with a "bossy boss", can you imagine going to work everyday knowing you'll be spending 8 long and grueling hours with your boss. that's like living in hell. Secondly, dealing with different types of co-workers like, gossipers, smart alecs, co-workers who are endlessly borrowing things and money, co-workers with split personalities and much more.
Thirdly, battling traffic everyday. I can go on and on. I'm sure you have other reasons why you would rather work at home. For those who would like to have a home-based job let me give you several choices.
1. Blogging - It's like keeping a journal. Writing about things you love and sharing it to your readers.
Blogging experts always give emphasis on article content and targeting your readers. 

2. Vlogging - Creating your own Youtube Channel, whether documenting your day to day activities or creating your beauty channel it's up to you.

3. Online English Teacher - Over the years, more companies are in need of Online English Teachers catering to foreigners from different countries. You teach your students either through Skype or their own system. Compare to a call center agent, being an online teacher you don't need to have that American accent rather it's better to have a teaching experience which is a plus factor.

4. Essay Rater or Essay Editor - You simply edit essays given a time limit. The more essays you edit the more money you make. They also have different levels for students. If you are interested I can refer you to some companies who are looking for essay editors.

I'm Going to Blogapalooza 2014

It was originally scheduled last September 20, 2014 but because of "Super Mario" they had to postponed the event and rescheduled it on October 11, 2014, Saturday. It will be my first time to attend since last year, in as much as I really wanted to attend I can't, since I planned ahead of time another very important meeting with few of my business associates.  But this year I wouldn't miss it for the world. :) Super excited! I hope to meet fellow bloggers. 

Mestiza Premium New Variants

EMB Natures Manufacturing Corporation maker of Mestiza soap is truly inspired to continuously make their product better. They are so excited to announce that something new is coming.

New Variants of MESTIZA Soaps Lathering Soon!

Have you tried their original Mestiza soap? 

MESTIZA soap is a natural soap with natural ingredients like papaya, carrots, calamansi, banana and virgin coconut oil.  These ingredients altogether are beneficial for our skins softness, tightness & freshness. It also exfoliates the dirt and oils in our skin thus clarifies our skin and making it look clearer, white with a healthy glow.