Upcoming Giveaways!!

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I'm so happy lately despite being so tired because of too much work. I'm so grateful to all of you and because of this I'm happy to share to everyone all the blessings I have received. I will be having not one not two but three giveaways soon.
I'm still gathering all the prizes but I promise it would be huge so stay tuned to my blog for further announcement. In the meantime let me say THANK YOU SO MUCH. I know words are not enough but I'm truly grateful. What about you? What are you grateful for,  I want to know. Till my next blog. Stay happy and safe. :)


MESTIZA soap is a natural soap with natural ingredients like papaya, carrots, calamansi, banana and virgin coconut oil.  These ingredients altogether are beneficial for our skins softness, tightness & freshness. It also exfoliates the dirt and oils in our skin thus clarifies our skin and making it look clearer, white with a healthy glow.  This is also the reason why MESTIZA is not just a skin whitening soap but coined as “The Healthy Skin Soap”.

KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel Review

I was very busy lately since there was tons of work to do. It took me a while to try a lot of products I received for review but I can't prolong the chance to try this product. Its KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel. I religiously applied it to my face and neck and on the 2nd week I noticed a huge difference on my face. Lately I've seen some pigmentation and dark spots on my face and I'm kinda worried about it. Good thing I tried this product. Like what I read on the label. It eliminates wrinkles, under eye circles, puffiness and scars. It helps fight dead skin cells. It moisturizes the skin and helps prevent pimples and acne. Although I never had any problem with pimples I really have skin discoloration as well as dark circles under my eyes. I happy with the result of this product and I will definitely continue using KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel. If you want to know more about their products check their website http://www.ilovekb.com/  I will definitely try their other products and will sure update you with the effect on my skin. Meanwhile, got to go guys. Stay happy!

Mestiza soap Giveaway!!

I'm super excited to announce that I will be giving half a dozen of soaps to 3 lucky readers and followers of my blog I want you to experience the wonderful effect of Mestiza soap. It's an all natural soap made from 5 natural ingredients. It is made using the cold processed technology ergo, it is very safe for our skin. If you want to join please email me why you want to win my Mestiza soap giveaway. Thanks and I will wait for all your email. God bless everyone! :)