How did you start blogging?

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Are you a blogger? Do you like reading blogs? I DO. I always read blogs way before I started blogging. I learn so much from reading and I'm sometimes amaze with bloggers, that I religiously follow their blogs. Ahh... I love Topaz Horizon, I read almost all her blog posts . Same with Chuvaness, she is amazing. Such a character, I sometimes smile or laugh while reading her blogs. One question most people is curious to ask is do they male money from blogging. I guess they do. I earn a living from my blogs. I never imagine this will happen but somehow I still need to learn the other tricks and trades of blogging. For one, this something that I love to do so I'm happy. Let me know thoughts guys. Talk to you later. Ciao!

Unboxing KB Products

Look what I saw when I arrived home. The package came courtesy of KB Yumei Mise Company, thanks especially to Ms. April Vital. I'm super excited to try their products. Ms. Vital promised that she'll be sending more KB products for my coming giveaways, watch out for it. I'm so excited to try out their products. Thank you so much KB!!