Spending VS Saving

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Hi Guys! Another topic about money and how to spend our hard earned money wisely. Why not, we all know that times are hard nowadays. Let me ask you a question? How many times do you go shopping for clothes or shoes? Cosmetics? Or other kakikayan? I remember back then maybe 5 years ago I can go shopping without any guilt feelings after but now I seldom go shopping for myself. Money always go to basic things like food, bills, emergency and of course the rest of the money go straight to the bank for our savings. I know a lot of people shop at Ukay-Ukay stores. I've been there a couple of times but honestly I can't stand the smell. But When I really want to buy something for myself it has to be items that are on sale. What about you? Are you a big spender or a cheapskate? Let me know your spending habits or better yet share your saving tips. Drop me a line or two and I'm really super excited to hear from you. Hasta Luego!