I Can Already Smell Christmas!! :)

Last week I went with my sister since her son had to take the UPCAT. It usually take like 15 minutes at the most to travel from our house going to UP Diliman. But this morning it took us like forever. There were thousands of kids who I'm sure were anxious to take the test. Can you imagine taking the test for 5 gruelling hours. I'm so happy I'm done with those things. :) Anyways, we had to make some stop over to buy some stuff. First, we went to National bookstore to buy things he'll be needing for his test. Lo and behold, The saleslady was already setting up all the Christmas trees and other decorations. Can you believe it? It was only like 2nd week of August and we're are already going crazy preparing for Christmas. Honestly, I'm not complaining because if you know me you know how much I love Christmas. So there, I guess I better start writing my Christmas list, most importantly start saving my moolah. If you have time please send me a line or two and I will surely answer all your letters. In the meantime, take care guys and always stay safe. :)