The Real Me...

I never imagine myself even trying to blog although I've always keep a journal
just so I could reminisce things that had happened in the past and dwell on things in
the future. But honestly I don't have so much time to do those things. I'm as busy as a
bee so to speak. I read a lot of times that if you wanna make money then blog about beauty
products or make food reviews blah blah blah... But it wouldn't be me, that's not me. I'm simply
a boring person which makes me more interesting :) I don't want to make blogging as my bread\and
butter, you know like oh I have to blog so that I can buy things, no way. I blog because I want to not
because I need to. NO ONE visit my blog who cares... I don't write for anyone. I write for myself. It 

make sme happy in way. And now I have to go that's my random thought for today boring to some
 but that's The real me...