The Art of Saving Money

Earlier I was computing. About finances and all. Bills will increase by August as I take on a new commission job. So longer time in front of my computer and more cups of coffee to drink. Good luck to my vertigo! You guys know how much I hate SmartBro with their intermittent connection. Hahaha! I can just imagine myself at my wit’s end when the time comes that we get another faulty connection and I’m paying for it. At least more moolah for me.
I need to work harder since money is scarce lately. A thousand peso bill is like 100 pesos when you go grocery shopping. With just a bag of groceries with nothing but junk foods, same staple food needed in our pantry. Plus a couple of fruits to stay healthy. That's already a thousand bucks spent. Which don't last that long. 
Anyway, that how life is now. You have to go with the flow. Just be grateful with all the blessings coming our way and be thankful that we have food on our table.
I try my darndest to save as much as I could. Whether avoiding eating out at fancy restaurants or comparing prices before buying any items. We have to be conscious of how we spend our money before realizing that we went crazy spending our hard-earned money for stupid things.

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