Thanks Google Adsense!

I know that I tried like countless times to be approved by Google AdSense.
4 times to be exact, the 4th time was last Wednesday.
I know there are specific rules that you need to follow. Pardon me but I'm a little
lazy to read rules. As you know I have a full time job that requires me to be at the office
for 11 hours. Plus I have a part time job as a senior editor. And sidelines here and there.
That's why I got the tag Jansportgrl of all trades because I like doing all sort of stuff. I
hate staying idle, not even for a minute. Going back to my story, I started posting more
sensible things :) Then last Wednesday I tried again and voila! I was accepted.
As you a see there's still the BlogSpot on my domain so it's not true that you have to have
your own domain to get in. So for those who would like to monetize your blog. Try it
I'm sure in no time you'll start earning moolah. Good luck to us!

Image from Google