I'm suffering from serious chapped lips. 2 days ago I had a canker sore. I know I'm guilty of
forever biting my lips and I know it's a big no no. The more you lick your lips the more it
gets dry. So I decided to buy some products for my chapped lips.

I bought this blistex, applied to my lips for a week and still the same, no relief whatsoever.


Next I bought Carmex, this are more expensive than Blistex so I expected it to be more effective
and soothing. Again I applied for a week as you can see from the pot container. Unfortunately
nothing changed I still have chapped lips :(


Lastly, I bought Chapstick, it only cost 88.00Php. I was not expecting to see any results right away
but I applied it only once and I saw a big change my lips look much better. It's not an exaggeration.
Wish I could show you the difference but I forgot to take pictures of the before and after, maybe
next time. :)