Funny but I don't like sardines, in fact I would have to say I have only eaten sardines in very few occasions. I find that most sardines that I had tasted have that after taste that I can't tolerate. It leaves a fishy taste on my tongue that even I already brushed my teeth a gazillion times the after taste is still there. Well anyways, my sister served me a breakfast of Mega sardines in tomato sauce (chili added) together with fried rice. I also made my favorite vinegar sauce with lots of pepper, chili flakes and garlic. It was superb!! I super enjoyed the tomato sauce of Mega sardines. I know that the sauce was made from real tomatoes. Unlike other sardines that has artificial tasting tomato sauce. I also tried MEGA sardines in tomato sauce (Green can) and the taste was super delicious minus the spicy flavor (if you're not into spicy food) The sardines are fresh judging by its color and taste. Now my pantry has a stock of MEGA sardines in case I crave for my favorite MEGA Sardines. Oh by the way, It comes in easy to open can that makes it very convenient. You can eat it either straight from the can or just heat it in the pan add some onions and tomatoes, I promise you it's super Yum-oh!  I will post some of my recipes next time like my Spaghettini with Sardines using MEGA Creations Sardines in Natural Oil or Spanish Style. Watch out for it. Thanks guys! Always stay safe, Love yah!