MESTIZA soap is a natural soap with natural ingredients like papaya, carrots, calamansi, banana and virgin coconut oil.  These ingredients altogether are beneficial for our skins softness, tightness & freshness. It also exfoliates the dirt and oils in our skin thus clarifies our skin and making it look clearer, white with a healthy glow. 

 MESTIZA soap uses cold process technology, which is the traditional soap making process where the ingredients are extracted and mixed together without using any heat. This age-old process preserves the efficacy of each and every ingredient.  Cold processed soaps are often handmade, softer in feel and shape is not 100% perfect.
MESTIZA uses 5 major ingredients with 5 different benefits thus making this soap very effective.
Carrot – Contains vitamin A that reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
Papaya - Provides skin whitening and moisturizing treatment.
Banana – Treat and smoothens out various skin problems
Calamansi – Contains vitamin C that is valued for its skin toning properties.
Virgin Coconut Oil – Prevents molds, bacteria and skin viruses