Mestiza Soap - Carrot a natural skin astringent

Carrots are one type of vegetable that has many health benefits for the body and skin. Here are some of the benefits we get from carrots:

- Prevent Aging
Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which is useful as an anti-oxidan
t that can fight the signs of aging. The skin will be protected from premature aging.

- Prevent Acne
Contained in carrot detoxification useful to avoid the skin from the causes of acne. Besides carrots can also be used as a therapy for the skin.

- Smooth Skin
Useful addition to preventing aging and acne, it turns out carrots can also be used to smooth the skin.

- Preventing Spots
The content of beta-carotene and sun protector contained in carrots can be useful as an extra umbrella against the sun so avoid skin black spots.

- Reduce Dark Spot On Skin
In addition to preventing acne, it turns out carrots can also serve to reduce dark spots on the skin.