MESTIZA soap is a natural soap with natural ingredients like papaya, carrots, calamansi, banana and virgin coconut oil. These ingredients altogether are beneficial for our skin's softness, tightness & freshness. It also exfoliates the dirt and oils in our skin thus clarifies our skin and making it look clearer, white with a healthy glow. This is also the reason why MESTIZA is not just a skin whitening soap but as "The Healthy Skin Soap".
a. Banana extract

This is the heart of all the herbal soaps. The extract from banana dramatically help clear skin disorders, like allergies, pimples, black spots, blisters, hemorrhoids, bad odor, psoriasis, baldness, sunburn, unwanted stains, colored armpits, and other skin problems.

b. Papaya extract:

In a consumer based market, the papaya extract has been manipulated to promote a notion of whitening, wherein in fact, the natural papaya extract could only soften the skin. The whitening effect could only be attributed to artificial chemical derivatives that promote temporary skin whitening and may be harmful to the skin if used excessively. Unlike this marketing bandwagon, we at Amrico only promote the natural efficacy of the papaya extract as a softening agent, and once included with the other main ingredients it causes a chain reaction of skin management resulting to a whiter skin. By properly extracting the papain enzyme from the papaya fruit, your skin is assured of tenderness and a smooth feeling you will truly appreciate. This will give you a fair and clear skin that is free from blemishes.

c. Carrot Extract:

As a prime source of Vitamin A, the carrot extract meticulously reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. It rejuvenates the cells that are slowly deteriorating, creating that new layer of skin giving your skin that youthful glow!

d. Calamansi Extract

Calamansi can help exfoliate our skin, it's better to use calamansi instead of any exfoliating cream or agent, it's safe because it can balance the ph on our skin. Calamansi has a very distinct alkalinizing effect on the human body, with alkaline properties present in the peel and juices of the fruit. The fruit can be used for whitening the skin, as well as a bleaching agent

e. Hi-Grade Coconut Oil / Virgin Coconut Oil

This is the base ingredient of our soaps. Through a breakthrough enzyme in product development, the coconut oil is converted to its lauric form where fat has been extracted. You are therefore assured of a premium base ingredient that is very effective in battling bacteria, virus and molds on our skin.