What is the best beauty soap for you?

I have the most sensitive skin. I actually have fair skin so I'm not interested in any whitening soaps. There are some characteristics that I want in a beauty soap. First, I want a soap that has a nice, yummy smell. Like it would last you all day smelling like a baby. Most commercial soaps have too much artificial perfume which is not good for tropical places since when the weather is hot the smell of the soap mix with sweat smells kinda awful. That's why I love about MESTISA soap it has an all natural smell of citrus blend with other fruity smell. The price is so affordable compare to other beauty soap.

     It is an effective whitening soap. It also helps clear pimples, black spots and other skin discoloration. It helps soften, smoother and refine the skin. It helps fight bacteria and bad body odor. It contains 5 fruits and vegetable extracts, carrot, calamansi, coconut, banana and papaya. I will tell you more about this wonderful soap in my next post.